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  • Who we are?
    Shubh Jewellers is an online silver jewellery selling business that offers a wide range of Customized silver jewellery Product to their customer and Deliver all over India.
  • Can I customize a piece of jewelry?
    Many customers are interested in personalizing jewellery by design and any specific element you want to add in the jewellery.
  • Which type of materials are used by us in Making jewellery Product?
    We are using 925 Pure Silver Metal in making Silver Jewellery products.
  • Do you offer warranties or guarantees?
    Yes, Shubh Jewellers ensure and deliver Pure Silver Jewellery to their customers. Give 100% Gurantee of their Products.
  • Can I cancel my order which I place on site?
    Yes you can! Our cancellation period is 1 hour after purchase, if you contact us after this period has expired, we cannot cancel your order.
  • Can I change the product after I have placed an order?
    Yes, you can change your product within 1 hour, please contact at or call at +91-7878955968.
  • Do you offer gift wrapping or personalized notes?
    Yes, we offer gift wrapping and personalized notes in the Order, on demand by the customers.
  • What if my order is undelivered?
    If your product remains undelivered, you can register your complain with our Team within 10 days from the Date of Shipment. However, if you fail to register a complaint within 10 days for the non-delivery of your order then Shubh Jewellers will not be responsible for it and will not make any refund credits to your account.
  • Can I track my order?
    Yes, you can track your order. we will provide you a Tracking Id.
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